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Western Snowy Plover
Mike Baird

Coastal Stewardship: Pacific

Well loved and heavily used, western beaches and rocky intertidal zones are also home to some of the most vulnerable Pacific Flyway species, including the Black Oystercatcher, Western Snowy Plover, and California Least Tern.  As development pressure continues to grow, precious shore habitats are vital not only for conservation but also because they provide an opportunity to help people understand how their own actions can help birds and wildlife.  Building on innovative and successful stewardship by Audubon California and coastal Chapters, our multi-pronged approach combines on-the-ground protection with successful outreach programs aimed at increasing numbers and diversity of breeding and wintering sites.  In the process, we are also protecting numerous other migratory shorebirds that rely on shoreline areas during winter and migration.

Theory of Victory: Audubon will protect key coastal species throughout their lifetimes and migration cycles by restoring and conserving dynamic beach dune habitat for nesting birds, and by reducing disturbance and minimizing threats during migration and winter.

The Bottom Line: Conservation impact on hundreds of miles of shoreline, from Baja California to Alaska; improved outcomes for three priority species.